We at Cacao Culture believe in sharing and collaboration. We hold events, workshops and tours as much as we can. We do different events related to cacao and chocolate. It may be cacao product workshops, chocolate tasting events or chocolate or farm tours.  We collaborate with our partners and friends to bring you these events. Check out the available schedules for our events.

Chocolate Club Philippines - Chocolate Tasting Events

Discover the world of craft chocolates through tasting events and workshops. Learn how each stage of chocolate production, starting from the farm to the chocolate making process, influences taste, texture and flavor of each bar. Appreciate the difference between different bean to bar chocolates and explore the various tasting notes from cacao from around the world. Meet some chocolate makers and learn about the craft of bean to bar chocolate making.









Chocolate Club Philippines - Chocolate Tasting Event - Davao City


  • Cacao Soap Making Workshop - NO UPCOMING SCHEDULE
  • Chocolate Making Demo - NO UPCOMING SCHEDULE
  • Davao Chocolate Tour - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY



Organizing an event, throwing a party or planning a team building session? Want us to organize a chocolate tasting event for you? Want to get a private tour of our cacao farm? Feel free to message us your requirements and we'll get in touch with you as soon as we can.