Cacao Culture - Premium Chocolate Tablea (100% Pure) 72G
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Cacao Culture - Premium Chocolate Tablea (100% Pure) 72G

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What is Chocolate Tablea?

Coming from the Spanish word “tablea” meaning tablet, chocolate tablea is a 100% pure chocolate packed in tablet form. It is made up of cocoa beans, roasted and grinded until it makes a thick paste. Alternatively spelled as “tableya”, these chocolate disks make the traditional Filipino hot chocolate drink and other Filipino chocolate food items.

Healthy, pure and unsweetened tablea from Davao City. Get 100% pure cacao, that's 100% pure chocolate, no additives or sweetener added and also no extraction of cocoa butter. 

Our tablea is from fermented and dried cacao beans from our farm and neighboring cacao farmers. We roast and grind the cacao beans until smooth. This translates to fine flavored and smooth hot chocolate drink or traditional filipino tablea drink that you can enjoy. 


How To Use Tablea

To make traditional Filipino hot chocolate, start with 2-3 disks in a small saucepan. Add and boil about 1 cup (250ml) of water to melt and dissolve the tablea. Once dissolved, lower the heat and add hot milk, sugar, or even a pinch of salt, according to taste. For a frothy cup of hot chocolate, you can also use the traditional wooden “batirol,” or simply whisk briskly with a wooden spoon.

Our chocolate tablea can also be melted and used for champorado (chocolate rice porridge), brownies, cupcakes, cookies and other chocolate delicacies, giving it the traditional chocolate taste.

Other Information About this Product

  • Vegan: Yes

  • Sugar-Free: Yes

  • Storage: Store in a cool dry place

  • Shelf life: Consume within 1 year

  • Country of Origin: Philippines (Davao City)



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