10 Mistakes in Baking Chocolate Chips

Have you ever asked yourself "What went wrong with my cookies?"

Well, you probably made some of the classic mistakes when baking. But it's okay especially when it's your first time.

So here are 10 tips on how you should NOT bake your chocolate chips. 


1. Overmixing your batter can lead to runny cookies. Making the cookies become light and airy.

2. It's easy to slip up and use baking powder instead of baking soda — but if you do, the chocolate chips will probably taste a little different. Using baking powder resulted in a chewy cookie — the kind of chewy where your teeth would get stuck together a little when you chomp down.

3. Too much flour can result in cookies that look like scoops of ice cream causing them to feel dry inside but not at all dense. Has a solid cookie flavor. 

4. On the contrary, not using enough flour will make your cookies crisp and thin. The entire cookie is crispy, but the chips stays intact.

5. Loading all the ingredients in the bowl at once may cut down on time, but it compromises the texture of your cookies. This causes bubbles everywhere, as they were bumpy instead of cohesive.

6. Leaving out eggs makes a huge difference in the texture and flavor, resulting in a dry and salty cookie. The salty taste is prominent but it's really crumbly.

7. On the flip side, using too much egg also drastically changes the cookies and gives them a spongy, cakelike texture; barely any crust on the cookies as they are just spongy all over.

8. Not using enough sugar seemed to grow cookies upward instead of outward. They are not chewy at all, and they puff upward in the center.

9. Too much butter makes cookies turn out just as you'd expect: very buttery. Using too much butter obviously makes the cookies buttery to the touch, and are soft enough to crumble in hands. The cookies melt apart in the mouth quickly too, and you could feel the air holes — which are prominent on the surface.

10. Using too little butter won't kill your cookies, and they'll still be tasty, but it will make them lightweight. You'll be able to identify the vanilla and enjoy the classic cookie flavor that comes with it.

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