Planting Chocolate Trees Vlog Series: Episode #1 is up on Youtube

We just launched our Vlog Series called "Planting Chocolate Trees"! It is our weekly vlog about cacao and chocolate in the Philippines and our own chocolate journey. We will be sharing with you what we have learned through our experiences in cacao farming, product development and making chocolates.

In this first episode, we'll share how we started with cacao, why we moved to Davao City, what we're currently doing, and just a little background about us.

Since we started in 2016, we learned a lot about cacao and chocolates and we want to share it with as many people as possible. We actually receive a lot of messages on our social media accounts and on our website asking different questions about cacao seedlings, cacao farming, how to make tablea and how to make chocolates. We hope that through our vlog series, we will be able to answer those questions and share some of the knowledge we have acquired.

If you're interested in cacao and chocolates watch our first episode down below, subscribe to our Youtube Channel, don't forget to like and leave some love on the comments!





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  • Jade dela Cerna

    Where to learn how to make soap?

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