Which is the best cacao variety

A lot of newbies in the cacao industry may be confused from the very start with regards to the different varieties of cacao since they all look, feel and even taste different or somehow even similar to each other. 
Knowing the types of cacao is very important as an agri-entrepreneur and as a chocolate maker. 

That's why we share with you the 3 main varieties of cacao:
1. Criollo
2. Forastero
3. Trinitario
If you are an agripreneur, it’s important to know cacao varieties because they respond differently to diseases, some varieties have higher or lower yields, and produce beans with differing flavor profiles. 
If you are a chocolate maker or enthusiast, cacao is very similar to wine and coffee. 
If you work closely with farmers, knowing the variety will help you in the post-harvest processing and the development of flavor profiles that you will get out of the cacao beans.
So which is really the best for you? 

To learn more about the varieties, watch our video down below and be the one to decide what to grow or choose.

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