Soap and DIY Natural Cosmetics Workshop

Cacao Culture Farms held a cold process making soap and DIY workshop in partnership with the Soapranos last May 2018 at Echostore, Davao City.
Mary Pilanes, known as the Soaper Mom from Manila, is the owner of a local bath products brand - The Soapranos. 
She creates natural skincare products like soap and cosmetics. 

A number of Davaoeña makeup lovers attended the two-day workshop.

Here, they learned the basics of soap making.

The key differences between natural and commercial soaps, lye calculation and safety procedures, natural additives and colorants.

Lye is an alkali, a highly corrosive product that should be handled with care, the reason why they have safety gears like goggles and rubber or latex gloves.


They also learned about natural cosmetics formulation.

Participants of this workshop made their own soaps, natural foundation, lip balm, mineral blush and face mist.





After all the procedures, they got to take home all the products they created!



Long gone are the days most women choose earth-friendly beauty products meant sacrificing effectiveness, because plant-based products are per say even more effective and more coveted.

And we’re so happy to see the growing interest for natural and organic beauty products and use of cacao specifically cocoa butter and cocoa powder, as a natural ingredient that does wonders for our skin.

So thank you to all those who joined. Until our next workshops ladies!



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