Planting Chocolate Trees Vlog Series Episode #7: Cacao Culture in Taiwan Part 2

In Part 2 of our Taiwan visit, we had some time to go around and visit some chocolate shops. But before we went to visit those shops, we roamed around the city. It was very easy to travel because of Taiwan's well connected train and bus systems.
With the guide of Taiwanese students who helped us at the expo, we visited various landmarks like the Taipei 101 skyscraper and had our dinner at their restaurant called Din Tai Fung. 
We also went to Taichung World Flora Exposition and the Farmer's Market at Taichung where we met Chomeet Chocolate, the bean-to-bar brand producing high quality small-batch products in Taiwan.
And of course, as part of the list for every travel, we did not miss the night market in Taichung and Shilin, famous for their Xiaochi or small eats. 
We were only able to visit a few chocolate shops namely Q Sweet by Queenie, See's Candies and Yu Chocolatier, because of the limited time we had but we were able to have some great-tasting chocolate truffles and hot chocolate drink there! Wish we had more time to go around Taiwan!
To check out the sights in Taiwan and join our journey there, watch our seventh episode down below!

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