Planting Chocolate Trees Episode #11: How to Keep Your Business Alive During Covid-19 Pandemic

Are you finding it hard to know how you can proactively manage your business during the coronavirus pandemic?
In this video, we talk about how we are managing Cacao Culture at a time like this.
We know a lot are also struggling right now and running a small business won't be easy as 1,2,3 amid the current situation.
But let's try to focus on this time that is perfect for innovation and growth.
In addition to that, we can cope with this strange time by helping the community whilst running your company.
You can do that with the following tips we share here:
1. Review all your expenses
2. Look for government help 
3. Rethink your strategy
4. Start a pick up or delivery service
5.  Encourage to shop locally
6. Find new sources of revenue
7. Upgrade your skills

For an in-depth explanation on how you can do all those, watch our eleventh episode!

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