Mommy Mundo Expo Mom 2018

We just had an opportunity to hold our very first chocolate making demo with Mommy Mundo Expo Mom last September 1, 2018 at Abreeza Mall, Davao City.


Mommy Mundo is a community of moms dedicated to inspire, support, connect, and journey with every mommies out there making motherhood easier, happier, and more fulfilling through various avenues and activities.


One of which is their annual event Expo Mom-- the longest running and biggest mom-focused lifestyle event in the Philippines-- showcasing mom and baby brand essentials, products and services, and also mompowerment talks.


This year, Mom Expo goes back to Davao launching the #MompowermentCampaign. Sun Life was one of the hosts for mompowerment talks sharing financial advices for moms and moms-to-be.


Various vendors like Laurel & Co., Sanicare, Baby Dove were also one of the few to join this event. And we are so honoured to also be a part of this and for the chance to share our Cacao Culture story and chocolate making journey hoping to inspire and support local mompreneurs.


It was a brief demonstration and we're glad moms were interested to learn more about chocolate making as we think they can actually make one on their own for their little ones and for themselves as well.


Of course, after the demo, we then gave out some chocolates for everyone’s sweet tooth!


With all the pretty moms, cute babies and kids in a jam packed event, it was a surely a fun, inspiring and empowering afternoon for everyone at the Expo Mom!


Thank you for having us Mommy Mundo! Until next time!


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