Learning about cacao and chocolate with IChef and Joji Ilagan Students

We represented Cacao City as we held a chocolate seminar for the students of IChef Davao and Joji Ilagan College.

Cacao City houses different finest brands of cacao byproducts and chocolates of Davao City. The physical store is located at Pasalubong Center, Palma Gil St., Davao City.

We're glad to have shared with them our knowledge and our experience being in this industry.

We started to be like them, just like those students, we know nothing. And from nothing, we started to learn more about cacao and chocolate until years went by, we have Cacao Culture Farms.

However, we never stop learning up to this day because we will never consider ourselves experts so we can continue to strive and most importantly, just as how we, in the simplest way, help the students make the first step in developing our cacao industry in the country.

Do you also wanna know more about cacao and how you make chocolate? 
Watch the video down below and witness how these young minds are fascinated in discovering and exploring the taste of real chocolate.

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