Ken & Shiela Answer Google’s Most Searched Questions about Cacao and Chocolate

What are the things you're curious about cacao and chocolate? Ken and Shiela answer the 10 most asked questions in Google!

1. Where does chocolate come from?

2. Where does cacao grow?

3. Is cacao healthy?

4. Is cacao and cocoa the same?

5. Is cacao good for diabetics?

6. Does chocolate expire? 

7. How is chocolate made? 

8. How to make cocoa powder from cocoa beans?

9. How to make cocoa butter?

10. Is chocolate good for dogs?

All these and more are just common questions people search for about cacao and chocolates. And with our knowledge, we tried to answer all of these questions that could help you get to be more captivated with how cacao and chocolates naturally are.

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