Kakao Konek is the biggest annual cacao and chocolate event in the Philippines organized by the country’s leading cacao value chain organization CIDAMI last October 18-20, 2018 at Davao Convention and Trade Center.

It is officially the first Philippine Cacao and Chocolate Festival as different chocolate stakeholders in the country and international participants gathered during the event.

This year’s theme, “Philippine Cacao Festival”, aims to celebrate and give due recognition to the Filipino cacao farmers producing high-quality cacao beans.

Valente Turtur, Davao’s “Cacao King”, officially opened the said event.

Chocolate makers and cacao processors from Davao are now slowly gaining popularity for their high quality cacao-based products like locally-made chocolates.

Product exhibits featured local artisan chocolates, cacao byproducts and souvenir items, chocolate processing equipment and farm tools.

Senator Cynthia Villar was also the guest speaker who encouraged growers to venture into agri-tourism and agri-related training to improve their production.

"It’s the small family farm which will feed us not the corporate farms.
So we are helping our small farmers and fisherfolks because we want them to continue farming so that we will have food in the next generation." Senator Villar, said.

Surely, staging an event like Kakao Konek will help further cement Davao City’s position to be the chocolate capital of the country!

More power to cacao farmers and cacao processors in the Philippines!


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