How to Mold Chocolates | Craft Chocolate Making

Molding chocolates is the last step in our Cacao Culture TV's Bean to Bar Chocolate Making Series.

Just pour and mold your chocolate. This last step sounds so simple, right? But really, there are more to consider to properly do it mold your chocolates.

In the process of molding your chocolates, always remember your working environment for chocolate making. Your room temp has to be cool to cold, ideally 20-21c (68f-70f) and low humidity at 50%.

After tempering, you have to mold quickly or the chocolate may go out of temper and unless you have a continuous tempering machine or a chocolate warmer that will hold the chocolate in temper, you have to do this manually.

The molds may be made up of plastic, silicone or polycarbonate materials. Out of these three, the polycarbonate chocolate molds are the premium quality molds that are used by most chocolate makers. 

Now here are some tips in molding your chocolate:

  1. Heat your molds - You may use a heat gun, hair dryer or a heating cabinet for this.
  2. Treat the molds carefully - Treat them with care if you want to maintain a polished finish to your bars. Some makers don’t wash their molds in between uses. Rather, they gently polish with cotton or kitchen paper.
  3. Refrigerate for a few minutes - If your room is under 21°C, it’s best to just leave the chocolate to set outside of the refrigerator. But since it’s usually hot here in the Philippines, we recommend you put your chocolate in the refrigerator to set for about 15-20 minutes.


Please watch the full video down below to get in full depth about how molding chocolates is done.

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