How to Ferment Cacao Beans

People don't always realize how the fermentation of beans is important. 
Be it coffee beans or cacao beans. 
Fermentation is one of the most essential parts of flavor development and making delicious chocolate. After harvesting and opening the cacao pods, the cacao beans are separated from the pod. The cacao beans are covered with pulp, and this pulp is important in the fermentation process.
That's why we are sharing to you the different types of fermentation and what the Philippine cacao farming or specifically in Davao City is usually using. 

Developing fermentation protocol is also important for the agri entrepreneurs so you would know how you can effectively bring out the best flavors from your cacao farm and produce quality beans.

As for chocolate lovers and chocolate makers, it's for you to better understand the process in developing the flavor when you source your beans or you work directly with cacao farmers in your area.


To learn more about the cacao fermentation, watch our video down below.

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