How to Dry Cacao Beans

Drying of cacao beans is still an essential part of the post-harvest process of the cacao beans. It contributes to bean quality and flavor development and which results in making delicious chocolate.
We tackled different types of Drying methods and what the cacao farming industry in the Philippines and Davao City, where we are based, usually uses.
It is important to know how you dry cacao beans if you're a farmer so you would distinguish if they are underdried or overdried.

Underdrying may result to molds when cacao beans are stored while overdrying may result for cacao beans to lose a lot of weight thus loss of potential revenue.

As for chocolate makers, post-harvest process helps in the development of cacao flavor. Also, when you're working with farmers, determining off-flavors may help improve fermentation or drying protocols.

To learn more about the cacao bean drying, watch our video down below.

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