How to Crack and Winnow Cacao Beans | Craft Chocolate Making

So what do we mean about cracking and winnowing?

Cracking separates the unwanted husks from the beans.

The mix of cracked husk and bean fragments is then winnowed, a process in which a gentle vacuum removes the lighter husk material from the heavier bean fragments, now known as nibs.

We also shared the different ways on how you can actually do cracking and winnowing.

- Cracking by hand
- Cracking by rolling pin or hammer
- Cracking using a cracking machine

- Winnowing by hand or basket
- Winnowing by hair dryer
- Winnowing using a winnowing machine

Below are the links for cracking and winnowing machines mentioned in the our full video down below:

Machines for cracking cacao beans:

1. Spectra Cocoa Bean Cracker Machine -

2. Cocoa Town Crackers -

3. Nemisto -


Winnowing Machines:

1. Sylph Winnower -

2. CocoaTown -

3. Spectra -

4. Selmi -

5. Nemisto -



Please watch the full video down below to get in full depth about how cracking and winnowing cacao beans is done.

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