Friends of Hope, Inc. - Cacao and Coconut Intercropping

Friends of Hope, Inc. is a non-profit organization on a quest to ensure that Filipinos can achieve their full potential and prosper.


They invest donations from Generation Hope and their partners in Education and Agriculture initiatives.


With its affiliate company—Generation Hope— they equip children with better learning environments by building more public school classrooms around the country.


They sell bottled water products—“Hope In A Bottle”, and with every bottle we buy, 100% of Friends of Hope profit goes to building new classrooms.


Aside from that, they also help coconut farmers in increasing their income so that Filipino families and communities can prosper.


Since the Philippines is the second largest coconut producer in the world, they engage with replanting of coconuts by providing access to better seedlings, farmer training, and intercropping by planting new crops like cacao and coffee for additional farmer income.


Cacao Culture Farms became part of Friends of Hope Inc.’s journey in helping coconut farmers by providing them quality cacao seedlings.


We offer superior quality grafted cacao seedlings of different varieties and farm development support to farm owners or cacao growers in the Philippines. Our nursery is also accredited with the Bureau of Plant Industry.


It is surely fulfilling to know that somehow, we have helped our farmers around the country in their thriving futures!


And of course, thank you for the trust Generation Hope PH and Friends of Hope, Inc.

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