Chocolate Club PH Chocolate Tasting Event

We had our very first chocolate tasting event as Chocolate Club Philippines in collaboration with our chocolatier friend, Treena Tecson from True Chocolate PH. This was held last November 14 at Seventeen O'Nine, Makati City.

Cacao Culture Farms and True Chocolate PH collaborated to create Chocolate Club Philippines, a community of friends who share the same passion for chocolates. The first event of the club, featured some of the finest Philippine Bean to Bar Chocolates and gathered chocolate enthusiasts from Manila.



Bean to bar chocolates has a strong focus on flavor compared to most industrial chocolates that has a lot of sugar and milk. With this in mind, tasting bean to bar chocolates is similar to tasting fine wine, there are subtleties of flavors and tones that you can train yourself to appreciate.



During the event, we tasted different chocolate bars and percentages. The percentage on the label tells you about sugar content: a 70% bar contains about 30% sugar and a 55% bar contains about 45% sugar. The key thing to remember is that cacao percentage is a measure of quantity, not necessarily quality.




As the tasting proper goes on, everyone has to eat something neutral like bread or crackers and a sip of water to reset one's palate between sittings.


So thank you to everyone who attended Chocolate Club Philippines' first Chocolate Tasting event and for helping us make this a success! We hope that through this event, people will appreciate and experience the rich and complex flavors of different chocolates and Philippine cacao.



If you also wanna checkout Treena Tecson's hand-crafted chocolate creations, visit



Hope to see you all again next year for another chocolate tasting event!





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