Choco Plus Challenge

Here are the entries to our #ChocoPlusChallenge by far!
We asked our Cacao Culture Fam to give us their most unique and interesting ideas to combine with our chocolate!
Since we just finished the production of our chocolate mango strips, two of the best eats in the Philippines, we thought of creating a new product combo! 
And a lot of our Cacao Culture Fam have participated in our challenge and whoaa creative minds with their sweet tooth have been overflowing haha! 
Given their suggestions:

Don't they all look delish and perfect to pair with chocolates???

We had a hard time deciding which is which but until we had the final verdict...

And it's... 

It will be interesting for us to work with these two ingredients. Chocolate and dilis? Hmmm... It seems challenging but we'll give it a try.
We would like to thank again everyone for participating! 
And for those who want to try out our new product - Chocolate Mango Strips
It will be out in the market soon!


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