Cacao Skincare Benefits

Mindanao Trade Expo (MTE) was staged last October 5-9, 2018 at Glorietta, Makati City. 

As MTE held seminars, food tasting and product demonstrations, 
Cacao Culture Farms co founder, Shiela Reyes-Lao gave her talk about the amazing benefits of cacao not just for the internal health but also for skincare.
Cacao is an amazing superfood because it is a:
1. Natural anti-depressant
2. Anti-oxidant rich that helps fight free radicals, so when we consume cacao it promotes over-all well being.
3. Natural Energy booster 
1. Relieves dryness - as it is very moisturizing.
The common form for skincare is cocoa butter.
Cocoa butter is the pale, yellow edible natural vegetable fat from the cacao bean.
A common application for this is the use for body butter that's perfect for dry skin and colder climates.
Another application for this is when you use it as a lipbalm.
2. It promotes skin healing and keeps skin healthy and glowing. 
Rich in vitamin C and fatty acid Omega-6 that has soothing and protective properties. 
3. Anti-Aging - it protects and repairs skin from damage and premature aging.
Application for this is using cocoa powder and cocoa butter. 
You can use it as an anti-oxidant mask or use it as a body scrub. 
4. It is a natural exfoliant - we were able to develop a cacao exfoliating body scrub made of cocoa butter and cacao nibs. 
Unarguably, cacao aren't just for desserts! 
We hope you get inspired in using cacao for your skincare and help us spread our mission to spread Cacao Culture in the Philippines. 
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