Cacao Culture Farms Nursery - Everybody has to start somewhere

Since we did not own any land in Davao City but still wanted to get into the Cacao Industry, we felt that starting a nursery would be a great idea. We leased some land in Greenland Subdivision in Dumoy and set up our operations there.

It took us almost a month to set up our cacao nursery. Land clearing and setting up the nets to cover the seedling area took some time but it was definitely worth it when we laid our first seedling bags.

Putting up the tents to protect our seedlings.


Here's our staff filling potting mix in seedling bags.


Laying down our seedlings per line.


Waiting for seeds to germinate before planting.


Early signs of plant growth!


Everybody has to start from somewhere and we are happy that we did start with our Cacao Nursery. We want to provide good quality cacao seedlings for our farmers and eventually go into Cacao farming as well.

We offer quality grafted cacao seedlings of different varieties like UF18, BR25 and ICS40. Visit our Cacao Nursery, you are welcome anytime!

Cacao Culture Farms is at Greenland Subdivision, Dumoy, Davao City - We are on Google Maps

You may also contact us at or call 09175153396.

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  • Robert Torres


    Good day. Just want to ask how much are the seedlings for each of the variety? Namely, UF18, BR25 and ICS40. Will your good office be able to arrange as well the delivery of the seedlings to Claveria, Masbate?

    Thanks in advance. Looking forward to your positive response.

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