Ask Ken & Shiela | Cacao Farm Edition

We are celebrating a milestone for Cacao Culture!
We are now 4,000 Subscribers strong on YouTube and we are very grateful to you guys for making this possible!

As a way for us to show our gratitude to you, we will be answering some of the most common questions that we get about Cacao Farming.

1. What is the ideal farm size to start a cacao farm? 

Answer: It's best to start with 3 hectares. Why? In our opinion this is the smallest size kung saan we feel na manageable parin ang area with a small farm team, if you have good farming practice then the yields of the farm would be somehow worth the wait and effort na ibinuhos natin sa early years.

2. Is farm location based on elevation?

Answer: There has been a lot research done on the effects ng iba ibang elevation sa pag grow ng cacao. 
Variations in altitude will cause variations ng mga factors like temperature, radiation, humidity and air pressure. Lahat ito contributes toward the well being ng cacao plant.

3. Is it possible to plant cacao trees on sloping or steep side of a hill? 

Answer: Yes it is possible BUT let us tell you why you should not do it, because of these 3 factors - soil erosion, farm management & labor.

4. What is the difference between grafted and ungrafted seedlings?

Answer: Grafting is a technique that is used to join two or more plants together so that they appear to grow as one. The quick answer, grafted seedlings are better because through grafting, if done properly, will increase the chances or the probability of your seedlings to do well on the field. 


Please watch the full video down below to get in full depth about all our answers on each given question is done.

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