3 Ways To Enjoy Chocolate While Giving Back To The Community



Chocolate makes a lot of things better. Feeling stressed? Have some chocolate! Having a bad day? Have some chocolate! Got nothing to do? Guess what, you can have some chocolate!The thing is, having too much of chocolate isn’t exactly a healthy thing to do. Fortunately, you can have an alternative right here in the country! And it’s a fast-growing culture


Cacao Culture Farms is a social enterprise in Davao that lets us all enjoy chocolate in its purest form! It was started by Kenneth and Shiela Reyes-Lao who moved out from Manila and fell in love with cacao and the thought of being able to grow their own chocolate. So, they decided to venture into developing these beans from which beautiful chocolate come from.They truly explored the many uses of cacao that they now have amazing products that are all worth a try.
CHOCOLATE TABLEA These chocolate tablets are the perfect ingredient for an amazing cup of hot chocolate. Mix one or two tablets into a cup of hot milk or water, add sweetener and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate that you’ll look forward to even in the summer!I first tasted this during a sweaty afternoon and I enjoyed it just as much as I would during a rainy day. Honestly, it was one of the best hot chocolate drinks I’ve ever tasted. And I especially loved how easy it was to make, plus knowing that it came from our own lands!
CACAO TEA Cacao tea was something I haven’t even heard of until these arrived at my doorstep. It’s definitely a new way to enjoy your chocolate. If you’re eager for your chocolate fix but aren’t into something heavy, this chill and soothing tea could be the drink for you!
CACAO NIBS If you’re a snack lover, these nibs could be the newest things you’d be chewing on.“Cacao nibs are cacao beans that have been roasted, separated from their husks, and broken into smaller pieces. Our nibs are coated with Coconut sugar making it perfect for snacking, added to your trail mixes, smoothies and more.”I love how it does taste like chocolate, but also quite nutty and fruity. It’s like a whole bunch of healthy snacks in one nib.
What I love about Cacao Culture Farms is that they don’t only give us all a chance to enjoy our own produce, nor do they just develop these beans into innovative products that anyone can enjoy. They also empower many farmers to produce cacao beans of better quality and allow them to venture in product and business development.So, whenever you buy products from Cacao Culture Farms, you don’t just get your chocolate fix to make your day a bit better. You make the lives of farmers a lot better, too!



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