Brunei Ambassador Visits Cacao Culture

On May 24, 2023, Brunei Ambassador Megawatti Manan visited the Cacao Culture Shop in Davao City, Philippines. Their visit to Davao City was filled with a quest for fruitful business opportunities and forging meaningful connections between the Philippines and Brunei.

Cacao Culture takes great pride in its sustainably sourced cacao. We are well-known for having the best chocolates in the Philippines. We're excited to have the opportunity to showcase the unique flavors and cultural heritage of our locally-grown crops to the Brunei delegation.

A Delightful Exploration of Cacao Culture: Witnessing Davao's Rich Cacao Heritage

The Brunei Ambassador and her team were captivated by the art of chocolate-making. They also learned about the importance of capturing the essence of Davao's rich cacao heritage.

We began sharing ideas about the plantation. Starting from the introduction of cacao trees and the harvesting process. The beans were carefully extracted from the pods, fermented, and then dried. There, the ambassador and her delegation learned about the intricate process of turning the beans into chocolate. 

They appreciated the extensive work that goes into perfecting each batch of chocolate. They marveled at the finished product's taste. The meeting was a fantastic opportunity to promote the excellence of Philippine cacao on the international stage. We were delighted to have the Brunei delegation learn about the unique cacao culture of the Philippines.


Forging Meaningful Connections

We believe that our close collaboration can lead to exciting opportunities for both of our countries. We are committed to strengthening the bonds between Brunei and the Philippines. We also aim to foster a deeper understanding of each other's rich cultures.

This visit has opened doors for meaningful connections that we hope to continue exploring in the future. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. We are looking forward to building on this foundation of friendship and cooperation.


Brunei Ambassador Megawatti Manan visited Cacao Culture in Davao City. Her visit symbolizes the growing collaboration between Brunei and the Philippines. It explores potential business ventures. It also highlights the cultural heritage and flavors in Davao City, Philippine cacao. This encounter is a step forward for both nations in fostering sustainable trade relationships. This sets the stage for a promising future of economic and cultural exchange.


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